Pax East Megahaul!

Quick update before I disappear down the rabbit hole again, messieurs and mesdames.  (Did I even spell that right?  Who knows!  I don’t speak French.  Though I think I might try to learn using duolingo.  It’d be awesome to read The Count in the original language.  Or Arsene Lupin stories.  I’ve even heard that Flaubert is good in French!  [Silly literary confession—I really didn’t like Madame Bovary when I read it back in the day.  Probably due for a reread, though maybe my problem was the translation.  Hence its mention here.])

Anyway, we rocked out at Pax East with a wide and wonderful clan, and I came away with a truly enormous haul of what I understand are referred to in common parlance as lewtz?

  • FLCL t-shirt.  The only anime I want a t-shirt for, and now I have one.  Hah! 
  • Qin: the Art of War and GM Screen.  I’ve been wanting to run a game with a bunch of Mo-ists running around during the Warring States period masterminding siege defense, and now I have a ruleset!  Also, my god the Qin books are absurdly well researched.
  • Microscope.  Fractal epic history world creation for maximum ridiculosity.  Very excited to try this.
  • 3:16 Carnage Among the Stars.  Aliens + Sartre = space marines of existential dread!  I’m also excited to try this, if by ‘try this’ I mean ‘inflict this on players.’
Milady also ended up with a copy of Dread, which OH MY GOD I am terrified to play that game when she decides to run it.  Also, Dread’s writer, Epidiah Ravachol, has the coolest business cards I have ever seen: a card with a full SF roleplaying system on the back.  Has me thinking about redesigning my I-didn’t-think-they-were-lame-at-the-time business cards with the book cover on one side & my name on the other.  But how could I match that level of cool?  Hmmmmmm…  Might be time to explore flash fiction.  Or even better yet, a full short story split up between many business cards…  Muahaha.
Also, I had the pleasure of introducing Milady (who was a kickass Marathon player back in the day) to Golden Eye 64, which she missed somehow.  And we all played JS Joust and had an amazing time.  And burgers with Milady, the redoubtable @Rocketvan, and the inimitable @Mattjmichaelson.  And basically the whole weekend has left me pumped and breathless and excited, and I hope y’all are having a good time too.

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