Mahabharata, Sentences, and Cons

The weather’s turned all awesome up here in Boston, so I’m loving the chance to abandon my awesome winter coat for something a little more summery.  And I’ve spent all day listening to this sometimes sublime, sometimes ridiculous (and sometimes Sublime) gigantic summer playlist, which may be worth a listen if you are optimistically gazing in the direction of shirtsleeve weather.

Despite my disappearing into edits last week, I’ve produced some cool things you might like to read:

And this morning I started work on a Craft Sequence novella that has me full of wicked glee.  I can’t wait to tell this story sometime in the next couple days.

Hope y’all are well!


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  1. Vlad

    I just read the writing-by-sentences post as part of my (almost) daily writing half-hour, and I strongly agree! Perhaps I come at sentence structure and lexicon from a different perspective, being the son of a linguist and having to spend many an evening painstakingly diagramming Russian sentences (you don’t even want to know…), but I think the end result is the same – when I read and when I write, if the structure or the pacing or the wording of a sentence is not quite right, it bugs me.

    Now that I think about it, this attention to detail is probably what has slowed me down as a writer in the past. It’s been very difficult to get over my perfectionism on the micro level to convince myself to write, what, about 10 THOUSAND sentences that make up a big novel (and that’s just the first draft). Scheduling has finally started to help in this regard – if I treat it not as ten thousand sentences, each of which has to be perfect, but as a half hour at a time, the process becomes much more manageable 🙂

    Speaking of which, back to writing for me!


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