Full Fathom Five Cover Reveal!

Hello, friends and neighbors! I have emerged from the Editorial Mines, covered in word-dust, to share with you the cover for my next book, Full Fathom Five.  Get ready:

Full Fathom Five


Awesome, non?  This is a draft of the cover—text isn’t final yet, for example—but I love it.  I’ve pushed the story into new territory—this book is the Craft Sequence by way of Black Diamond Bay, featuring new characters as well as a few returning favorites from Three Parts Dead and Two Serpents Rise.  Skulduggery, slam poetry, offshore banking, spy shenanigans, the nightmare telegraph, and more.  On the island of Kavekana, caught between the gods that rule the Old World and the undead wizards that rule the New, a defrocked and godless priestess struggles to save her career—and her soul. Coming this July!

13 Responses to “Full Fathom Five Cover Reveal!”

  1. Dee

    Every time I think you and this series couldn’t possibly be even more splendid, you go and pull something like this. Terrifically excited for this book!

  2. isweedan

    This sounds (and looks!) RAD. (OMG)

  3. ihavechosentostayandfight

    Goddamnit, Max. Why do you have to keep being so awesome? I know the adage is ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but when it’s this kinda cover…damn. 😛

  4. Pabkins

    I love it! This one is definitely my favorite of the three! Then THREE PARTS DEAD of course. Is there a feature somewhere on the cover artist and the process they use to design your covers. I simply have to know!

  5. strider66

    I’ve just started Two Serpents Rise and am really enjoying it. That’s a fantastic cover. Can’t wait to learn more about the book.

  6. Danielle Walker

    Fantastic! I’m so excited about this series. Reading Two Serpents Rise right now!

  7. Danielle Walker

    You had me at spy shenanigans…

  8. kellion92

    Wow, that is gorgeous.

  9. Doctor Science

    My family and I have just finished reading “Three Parts Dead” and are all very pleased: we now plan to buy our own copies, instead of just getting the others from the library.

    One thing I’m wondering about: did you have to make any effort to keep the cover art from being white-washed?

    And wow, Chris McGrath is really going from strength to strength with these covers.

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