Choice of the Deathless—in time for Christmas!

UPDATE: The game is out!  Download it here!

Unlike MC Lars, I have not been touring everywhere  to give this world joy.  To the contrary, I’ve stayed put with my nose to the grindstone for joy-generation purposes.  It’s been a fun grind though and fortunately I have nose to spare.

Here’s why I’m excited: this Friday we launch  Choice of the Deathless, the Craft Sequence adventure game.  Take on the role of a young Craftswoman or Craftsman in Tara’s world!  Deal with demons!  Depose gods!  Make partner!  Pay off your student loans!  If you dare.


This is your chance to see how the undead half lives.  I mean, it is technically possible to make it through the game without becoming an undead skeleton wizard, but why on earth would you want to?  You might miss glandular emotion a little, but let’s be honest here.  Unstoppable law-lich or fleshy human being with a chance of achieving love and redemption?  I know which I’d choose.

Especially since skeletons can still drink coffee.

Some specifics: this is a text-based choose-your-own-path adventure of the “You wake up naked in a trackless desert with a hangover.  You: (a) hunt for water (b) arrange stones into the shape of an S.O.S. (c) Call upon the Dark Gods and sell your soul for passage to safety (d) wait can you run option c by me again?” variety.  Each choice you make affects your character’s statistics, which are then checked to determine success or failure.  Some of you may remember game books in the Lone Wolf style—this is sort of in that vein only with necromancer lawyers.

The game goes live Friday, and don’t worry, you’ll be hearing plenty about it from me on that day.  But I wanted to give y’all a heads-up.  If you want an email reminder, may I suggest my (very infrequently used) mailing list, or the more commonly updated but less Max-specific list over at Choice of Games?

Some other news:

  • For those of you who want a more Tabletop-friendly game experience, I have good news.  A couple weeks ago at Anonycon in Connecticut we ran a number of Craft Sequence tabletop games, in Dogs in the Vinyard, Fate, and D&D Next.  Excellent times were had by all.  I should have some system-agnostic information about how to game in the Craft Sequence soonish, once I figure out the best way to represent the Craft itself…
  • Tabitha of My Shelf Confessions loved Three Parts Dead and Two Serpents Rise—and today she finally succeeded in tying me up for an interview.  Read our chat-slash-torture session over on My Shelf Confessions!
  • SIGNED BOOKS: If you want a signed copy of Three Parts Dead or Two Serpents Rise, but didn’t make it to any of the signings, you’re in luck!  I’m working with Porter Square Books to sign books by mail-order—order from them and we’ll make sure a signed copy gets your way!

That’s it for now—but I’ll be back in the near future.  I have more chaos to inflict.  I mean.  Um.  News!  News.  I have more news to… provide.  Possibly.  Also chaos.

4 Responses to “Choice of the Deathless—in time for Christmas!”

  1. Pabkins

    Marvelous! I will be downloading this game as soon as it goes live! *wrings her greedy little hands together in anticipation!* Watch out Deathless Kings I’m gonna bring the pain!!

  2. max

    And there’s even the option of romance!

  3. Al Billings (@makehacklearn)

    You ran a game under Dogs? How the hell did that work?

    • max

      Crazily! I wasn’t there—someone else ran the adventure, and I still need to run through the after-action with them. But it generated some great war stories!


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