Two More Craft Sequence Books!

The big news hit Publisher’s Weekly on Friday: Tor Books has bought two more novels in the Craft Sequence!  So, after Full Fathom Five, I get to play more in this world of creepy lawyers, boss skeletons, existential uncertainty and gargoyles and undead gods.

The first of the pair is done already—in fact, this morning I finished the fourth draft, a bit ahead of schedule.  With luck this means I can start the next book earlier, maybe even write some short fiction in the meantime.  I got a great title suggestion for a Craft Sequence short story at Boskone, and I’m eager to write something that goes with it.

Based on this deal, in the coming years you can expect from me, on the fiction front:

FULL FATHOM FIVE, due out this July, in which a priest who builds ‘idols’—fake gods primarily used for sacrifice avoidance—breaks the rules of her order to help out a friend and investigate a deal gone bad.  I’m especially excited for FF5 because it pulls together characters from previous books; this is going to be a much bigger element of the Craft Sequence moving forward, tying together prior installments and crossing story-streams.

LAST FIRST SNOW, as the (working) title suggests, is set a bit earlier along the series timeline, and shows the older generation’s history.  Dresediel Lex teeters on the edge of a knife, riven by protest over controversial zoning legislation, while a younger Elayne Kevarian confronts a tangle of conspiracies, revolutionaries, personal demons, and dead gods.

After that, I think we’ll revisit our friends in Alt Coulumb, and see what trouble they’ve made for themselves in our absence.  (Hint: it’s probably quite a lot.)

Outside of that I have SEKRET PROJEKT #2, as well as [REDACTED], on my plate.  Hopefully I’ll be able to give you less censored news about those in the near future!

In other news, I was going to write a bit here about rules, writing, and the martial arts, but as I was brainstorming I realized that you should all just go watch this clip from Enter the Dragon again:

Have a great week!

8 Responses to “Two More Craft Sequence Books!”

  1. Mary Beth

    This is the best news I’ve had in days–and doubtless even better for you. Congratulations! The Craft books are my favorite new series (though few of my lawyer friends read fantasy, and few of my other friends are interested in books about magical lawyers, so I’m working on finding new ways of luring them in–so far it’s been with promises of badass ladies, parkour, human sacrifice, and water rights. Basically I want everyone I know to read these books and discuss them with me!)

    So thanks for writing them, and for writing more!

    • max

      Thank you so much! I’m really glad you like the books, and I hope you enjoy the ones to come. Good luck encouraging people, and let me know if I can help somehow.

  2. Alana Joli Abbott (@alanajoli)

    Oh, hooray! I’ve been hoping that this news was coming soon!

    What’s going on with the non-Craft book? I was searching ’round the Interwebz today looking for an expected pub date and I came up blank.

  3. Max Saltonstall

    Yay yay yay, we are eager to get the next one for our evening readaloud.

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