In Which I Sing Dwarven Carols

I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this video with you all.

That’s my friend Daniel Jordan on the right; he’s a biophysicist and excellent musician who’s writing a way cool rock opera adaptation Wagner’s Ring Cycle, because that’s how we roll in Somerville Mass.

Other news, if you are insufficiently Holiday’d:, the more fools they, invited me to write about whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is properly a Christmas movie, or a Halloween movie, or what.  This in turn occasioned me to engage in my favorite pasttime: obsessive rumination on religion and story structure, plus Die Hard references!

This is a frivolous question, sure, like some of the best. But even frivolous questions have a serious edge: holidays are ritual times, and stories are our oldest rituals. The stories we tell around a holiday name that holiday: I’ve failed at every Christmas on which I don’t watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. When December rolls around, even unchurched folk can get their teeth out for a Lessons & Carols service.

So let’s abandon trappings and turn to deep structures of story. Does The Nightmare Before Christmas work as Christmas movies do? Does it work as Halloween movies do? It can achieve both ends, clearly—much as a comedy can be romantic, or a thriller funny. But to resolve our dilemma we must first identify these deep structures.

Happy holidays, y’all!


7 Responses to “In Which I Sing Dwarven Carols”

  1. Paul Weimer

    Once again, I am impressed. 🙂

  2. Ardi

    I prefer this version.

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  4. Tomas Schwartz

    Its easy to bypass the corporate aspect of xmas if you want to. I have not been to the shops once. I am buying presents for two people who i am going to spend xmas with. I am going to get them some xmas socks and jumpers probably. I don’t have kids so I suppose it’s easier. Even so I would only give them one or two small presents. Nothing over 20 quid each. Not because I’m tight but because it’s not necessary. It makes children greedy.
    I have sent out xmas cards only to elderly people i know will apreciate them and those who are actually Christian.
    I’m not really watching tele because its rubbish. I think the best thing about xmas is the lights and i get to see those, living in central London. We will roast a leg of lamb and just sit and watch movies all day. What I will do is give a good amount of money to a good cause as that will selfishly make me feel good.


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