Writin’ Them Bones

A quick, sweet update on the writing life:

First, I just had a short story accepted for publication in The Book of Exodi, an anthology by scene newcomers Eposic Diversions. The theme was “mass exodus,” with a science-fictional bent; my story took that and twisted it on its head. With space vikings. To get to the marrow: come late spring 2009, you’ll all be able to purchase a book containing a Max Gladstone original!

More news on that as it arises. I’ve got a couple more submissions currently out, and I’ll keep you updated on the status of those. Also, the Genghis Khan novel is done, though not completely serialized yet, and I’m eating through the revisions on Raise My Head And Watch The Moon, my first novel-length foray into litfic.

While you’re waiting through the long cold months, check out some short fiction from last year:

The Mask on the Island – Criminal mastermind and devoted father Derek Gaspard faces his deadliest enemy yet: an assassin who could be anyone, even himself.

Octopus Tanks – Love, Death, and Revenge on the Martian frontier

If you like either of these, pass them on!

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