Interview at Flames Rising

I debated opening with some joke about how the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated, but I think Mark Twain would personally return from the grave and smack me upside the head for that.

Life’s been busy, but here’s an update:

  • I’m getting married next month!  In case you were wondering why I hadn’t posted in a while.
  • Alana Abbott was kind enough to include me in a group interview of urban fantasists on Flames Rising.  The subject: Vampires!  Check here for my thoughts on why Dexter is the best vampire currently running, as well as a list of underrated pain-in-the-butt vampire weaknesses.  The other panelists have some great answers, too – I haven’t seen Barnabas Collins name-checked in a while, and kudos to Jeri Smith-Ready, whose first exposure to vamps was Love at First Bite.  Awesome film.  Dracula gets kicked out of castle by Transylvanian gymnastics team, comes to New York City!
  • By vote, the most feared vampire power is mind control, either tied with or slightly ahead of immortality.  Good choices.
  • The new book continues apace.  I’m a little over 2/3 of the way through, and the story is about to start Getting Real.  Or, as real as you can possibly get in a story about the California Power Crisis with zombies — which is pretty real actually.
  • Another project I’m involved with just gained (1) new artist!  More here as this develops.
  • The Pandorica opened.  You need to see it.  Matt Smith wins acting forever.

More on all this in the coming days!

Rock on.

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