Three Parts Dead Charity Auction for Con or Bust

Boston / Somerville has survived Snowmageddon 2013—six foot drifts outside my house, but a few hours of shoveling and a mug of Burdick’s hot chocolate makes everything better.  I spent as much of the weekend as possible chilling out, though we did step out yesterday evening for a performance of the ART’s excellent Glass Menagerie, on which more later.

Dinocorn holding sign that says 'Con or Bust'

Big news now, though—I want to encourage y’all to participate in February’s awesome Con or Bust auction.  Con or Bust is a non-for-profit fund that helps sponsor fans of color who wish to attend conventions but can’t for monetary reasons.  They’ve been doing great work since 2009.  Tor has donated a copy of Three Parts Dead to the auction, and I’d obviously feel tickled if it went for a good chunk of money, but the Con or Bust website (linked above) has a bunch of excellent SFF-themed auction prizes, ranging from books to crits to Ekaterina Sedia’s offer of a wardrobe consultation.

Go forth!  Support SFF community diversity!  Rock on!

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