According to Wikipedia, I Exist

Just as it says on the tin.  I should not feel as excited about this as I do; after all this is the Free Encyclopedia Anyone Can Edit.  But the page has been up for a few days now and nobody’s deleted it for non-notability (though I may speak too soon!).  It’s very strange to be part of the world’s greatest linktrail where one can start reading about Chechnya and end up reading about Batman (via the Higgs Boson and Mary Kay Cosmetics).  And, for what it’s worth, I neither created the page myself, nor caused it to be created.  So that’s neat.

Also exciting: Fantasy Book Critic posted an excellent, glowing review of Three Parts Dead by Casey Blair.  It’s great in that it’s a good review, of course, but she also mentions a few aspects of Three Parts Dead of which I was particularly proud—the way that the resolution turns on (no spoilers really) confronting characters with things they believe they cannot do.  I gave a whole speech at Comic Con last year about this, and it’s really cool to see someone else pick up on it.

If you’re in or near Newburyport this Saturday, I’m on the Newburyport Literary Festival’s fantasy panel, along with the redoubtable Ethan Gilsdorf, Dr Livingston to the Geek World.  Drop by the Unitarian Universalist Church at 2:30 pm to hear us chat about all things fantasy.


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  1. Scott Caplan

    Very cool. I remind you that Will Chou was engaged sophomore year in a tug-of-war (which he eventually lost) over whether Akash and Aniket are “notable” residents of Basking Ridge, NJ.

  2. mito

    I was taking a look at some of your older posts and found something about the blog 我们叫三民智 where you wrote briefly. However the site is no longer up. Is there any way to see the articles? (original Chinese is fine, the perks of being billingual)

    • mito

      三明治 instead.

      • max

        Hi mito—thanks for dropping by & asking. I don’t have any of the old articles on my computer, other than the one I wrote. But I’ll ask the old team, and see if the site’s now mirrored anywhere. I remember it being pretty cool.

  3. Katrina

    Congratulations! Pretty sure your Hugo-connected award nomination makes you notable, dude!


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