Three Parts Dead Trade Paperback Tour!

I’ve been off-blog busy for the last couple months—finishing a first draft of another book, working on short stories, fencing in tournaments, and pondering revisions to the third book in the Craft Sequence.

I’ll be bringing you up to speed on a lot of cool new developments over the next few days, but for now, I wanted to make sure you all knew that Three Parts Dead is due out in paperback late next month, and that I’ll be touring to celebrate!  Those of you who want a hardcover, buy now; those of you who want something you can throw in a beachbag, flock to bookstores on July 23.

The paperback features a slightly redesigned cover, with an enlarged version of Chris McGrath’s amazing cover art, and new quotes on the back from the glowing io9 review (!) and Felicia Day (!!).

(Um guys Felicia Day read my book!)

So, tour?  What does that look like?  Where will I be and when?  Read on, dear reader.


San Diego Comic Con, July 19-21

I’ll rock out at San Diego Comic Con, and most likely participate in some programming, though we’re still working on final details.  More details to come on this one—we’re waiting for final info.  This is my first time to San Diego, and I have no idea what to expect beyond absurd over-the-top excess.  More details to come!

Powell’s Books, Portland OR, July 25, 7:30 PM

I’ll be reading some of Three Parts Dead, and maybe from new (as yet unreleased) material.  And answering questions.  Ask and ye shall receive.  If you dare!  Warning: answers not guaranteed to be comprehensible, or in a language hitherto known or comprehensible to humankind.  Probably will be, I just don’t want to make any promises.

University Bookstore, Seattle WA, July 26, 7 PM

More readings.  More questions.  Even less sanity!  It’s been a long time since I was last in Seattle, and I’m sort of impoverished when it comes to Seattle-themed reading material.  I guess part of Reamde’s set in the Seattle area; still, the strongest literary tie I have with the city is Terry Brooks’ A Knight of the Word, which is compelling, but probably left me with a warped image of Seattle, featuring more demon-muggings than occur in the actual city.  Dangers of urban fantasy tourism, I suppose.  Any suggestions?

Borderlands Books, San Francisco CA, July 27, 3 PM

I had a wonderful time on my last visit to Borderlands, and came away with a coffee mug and good memories.  Come for me, stay for the bookstore (which you really need to see this place to believe it, it’s so cool and pleasant and well-organized and if I lived in SF I would spend so much time and money there I probably wouldn’t have any left to spend anywhere else in San Francisco).  Or come for the bookstore and stay for me.  Works either way.

Hyde Park Books, Boise City ID, July 28, 3 PM

I’m very excited for this one—it’s the first signing I’ll give that will be attended by someone I’ve killed (in fiction, natch).  To make a long story short, one of the first novels I wrote (using 100,000 words as a cutoff here, for convenience’s sake—I wrote some stuff in the 100-page range as young as eight or so) was a giant fanfic for the Fantasy Powers League, an immense apocalyptic pastiche which doubled as a way to kill off a bunch of other people’s characters, with their consent of course.  And one of those dudes will be in the audience!  Hopefully he isn’t out for revenge.

Also, it’s likely that I’ll be doing some sort of workshop with the Boise Novel Orchard while I’m in town—again, more details as Evil Plans develop.

And that’s all I have time for this afternoon.  More details coming soon, especially about Two Serpents Rise—the next book in the Craft Sequence—and about the Craft Sequence as a whole.  Be well!

9 Responses to “Three Parts Dead Trade Paperback Tour!”

  1. Leah Libresco

    There’s no date on the Borderlands visit but I totally want to come Can you update the post?

  2. max

    Ack! Thanks for noticing! Fixing now.

  3. drey

    No Midwest stops? Chicago’s close enough for me to take a day trip! *hint hint* 🙂

    • max

      Not this time, sadly – we took advantage of my visit to the West Coast for SDCC when scheduling these stops. But I’m hearing some interest from folks in the Chicago – Ohio area… maybe next time?

  4. vlad432102013

    Evil Planning is Best Planning.

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  6. Tiffany Ng

    I really wish I could attend your Borderlands reading! Unfortunately I had to be traveling in China at the same time. Despite my love of fantasy and sf, I didn’t know about Borderlands (an obsession with City Lights and Moe’s can make one blind to the obvious). I’ll be sure to make a trip when I return and look for your space on the shelf!


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