Paperback Writer! Also post-Readercon catchup!

Today is run-around-getting-ready-for-the-big-tour day, but I wanted to take a second first to say how great a time at Readercon.  Granted, I slunk home on Sunday after having slept only a few hours, and promptly sought out the coolest, darkest place I could find, but man was that con fun.  Times like these I wish I was more of a photo-junkie—instead I end up wishing I could describe five-hour wine-fuelled conversations about books & storytelling & general madness, the description of which, while possible, would involve me sitting here until we were both entirely confused.  One of the best parts of these cons is the ability to hang in person with folks I know primarily through the internet.  Bodies and voices are better than phosphors about 99% of the time, give or take a percentage point.

How good was this year’s con?  Well, it should tell you something that the Irish pub was closed and we still had an awesome time.

On another note, Monday afternoon I checked our mail and found the following giant package waiting:

These paperbacks look awesome, folks.  Here’s a shot of the back cover, with rocking quotes from John Crowley, Jim Morrow, io9, and Felicia Day:

This is a big milestone for me.  When I was a kid, I didn’t get hardcover books—I only had so much money from the pizza place, and one night’s check could buy me maybe three quarters of a hardcover, or three paperbacks.  This is the point at which my childhood self would have bought my book, and he, finally, feels gratified.

Also, well, there’s this:

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  1. Megan M. Matthews

    “Bodies and voices are better than phosphors about 99% of the time, give or take a percentage point.”

    Okay, that’s going on my list of favorite quotations of all time. It’s also going on my Facebook under Favorite Quotations (with credit given where it’s due, of course), as long as you don’t mind.

  2. Neil Ottenstein

    I just finished reading Three Parts Dead (reading a lot on the plane back from our family vacation). I loved it and just now put in my vote for the Campbell Award with you as my #1 vote. I really liked the story and the way you wrote it. There were a lot of really nice turns of phrase there and a few laugh out loud moments. Thanks for writing it.


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