Dragons! Cities! Two Serpents Rise Giveaway!

Some things for you today:

  • On ThinkProgress, I write about how dragons are fractal representations of the fantasies in which they appear.  It makes sense in context.  Trust me.
  • Over on Bastard Books, I write about the uniqueness of cities in fantasy.  Also, Bastard’s giving away copies of Three Parts Dead and Two Serpents Rise!
  • Reviews for Two Serpents Rise have started to appear in the wild!  Fantasy Book Critic had this to say: “I love how organically all of these issues work in the social and political framework, the characters, everything. I love that there are no taboos on sexual orientation or on having sex at all. The characters are all riveting, even when I don’t like them — I particularly loved the Red King, who is creepy as anything and completely amazing.
    All this and I haven’t even gotten around to mentioning the whole story is built around economics and the logistical realities of providing water to an urban settlement in the desert and the risks of water conflict — I challenge anyone who thinks fantasy doesn’t deal with reality and is purely about escapism to take a harder look at this one.
  • TOMORROW, I’ll be doing an AMA on r/Fantasy.  Come by the r/Fantasy website around 9pm Eastern Time.  Ask me questions!  Ask me any questions you can possibly imagine!
  • November 9 I’ll be signing at Enigma Books!
  • And, on November 14, I’ll be part of Wellesley Books’ Breakout Author Evening—so come by if you’re in the neighborhood and see me break out of things.  I think that’s how this works.

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