Full Fathom Five Trailer!

Last week Tor.com posted the first five chapters of Full Fathom Five, my next book, due out July 15.  This is obviously great!  Go ye forth and read.


Look, maybe this is just my inner millennial talking, but I do wish books had a better equivalent of the modern trailer—something that gave you a sense of the overall story in a single package complete with aggressively edited footage and dialogue that isn’t actually part of the final feature.  Book trailers exist, of course, and some of them are great, but that’s not what I mean.  Film and print are hugely different media.  It makes sense to take a finished movie and cut together a trailer, but creating an audiovisual book trailer that actually works is a process of adaptation all its own.  Harder, even, since a trailer-creator has to take the textual world of the book and recreate it in visual language in three minutes or less.  AV book trailers suggest that the movie of the book actually exists, and try to sell that.

(And, let’s be honest—a proper AV trailer for one of my books would cost, and if you think I have cost-in-italics kind of money lying around, you obviously haven’t read John Scalzi’s deal size descriptions.)

My solution: I have written a book trailer for your entertainment, in screenplay format.  (I did this with Two Serpents Rise last year, too.)  Warning: in proper trailer form, this contains spoilers, and is only tangentially representative of the actual book.  Read it through, close your eyes periodically, and envision the future with the limitless budget of your imagination!

Just don’t expect any of this dialogue to be in the final cut.

6 Responses to “Full Fathom Five Trailer!”

  1. Mary Beth

    Wow. This was AWESOME. It’s going to be harder than ever to wait til July.

    (TEO! Holy crap! YAY!)

    Also, can I just express how absolutely delighted I am that you specified Kai and Izza’s races even in the trailer script? No whitewashing allowed!

  2. Paul Weimer

    You are scary talented, Max.

  3. Glinda

    Ahhhh. I wish I had time. And better animation skills.

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