Magical Deliveries

What’s this?


What’s this!!!


There are t-shirts in the box!IMG_2800

With skulls!IMG_2804

And logos and they rock!IMG_2780Emily Ettlinger, a student at RISD, put together these amazing Craft Sequence t-shirts, complete with King in Red and Caleb t-shirt cartoon!  They are totally great and are now the officially christened Red King Consolidated official corporate volleyball team t-shirt.  I am going to wear mine until the foil comes off.  Check out her behance page!  I am full of excitement!  Also a bit terrified by the unseasonably warm weather that means I can wear t-shirts outside in, you know, February, but the fact the sky is falling shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying ourselves meanwhile.

Other news from the home front: progress on Mysterious New Book and on Bookburners Season Two continues.  I’m sketching out a couple of other really exciting projects the details of which I hope I can share soon.  February has pulled me in many directions—for the most part good ones, but it’s been harder to center the daily practice, so it’s nice to see many of the side hustles reaching a point where I can fold them into the writing schedule.

I’m also putting the finishing touches on copyedits for Four Roads Cross.  This book was so much fun to write, and I love getting the chance to work with familiar characters again.  This feels like a homecoming book to me—not the end, but a waystation.  Remember, folks: preorders are love!

Also in recent news: Nebulas! Nominees for the 2015 Nebulas hit the ‘net a little over a week ago, and the list highlights just how great a year 2015 was for SF.

I’m traveling a bit this week, so I’ll wrap this up here.  We can talk about Hugo Awards and the like next week, unless something wild seizes my attention.

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