Four Roads Cross Sample Chapters

Four Roads Cross nears.


This week, Tor’s posting sample chapters!  You can read them here.  Advance warning—these chapters, especially the first one, contain pretty substantial spoilers for Three Parts Dead.  If that matters to you, then perhaps pick up Three Parts Dead while it’s on sale!

Sample chapters over on

Chapter One, in which Tara confronts certain responsibilities of her new position, and hides a body.

Chapter Two, in which old friends pursue a side hustle, and

Chapter Three, in which Tara visits a market, are on the same page.

Chapter Four touches on the press, and the freedom thereof, while

Chapter Five, on the same page, features Tara confronting old friends about the possible deleterious effects of their side hustle.

Other news: Margaret Dunlap’s episode of Season Two of Bookburners is live today!  Check out the new season.

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  1. Paul

    – awesome, can’t wait till the 26th, excited to see Tara back in action
    – typo in Ch1: ‘since she abandoned them to light in the Wars’


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