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Four Roads Cross Sample Chapters

Four Roads Cross nears.


This week, Tor’s posting sample chapters!  You can read them here.  Advance warning—these chapters, especially the first one, contain pretty substantial spoilers for Three Parts Dead.  If that matters to you, then perhaps pick up Three Parts Dead while it’s on sale!

Sample chapters over on Tor.com:

Chapter One, in which Tara confronts certain responsibilities of her new position, and hides a body.

Chapter Two, in which old friends pursue a side hustle, and

Chapter Three, in which Tara visits a market, are on the same page.

Chapter Four touches on the press, and the freedom thereof, while

Chapter Five, on the same page, features Tara confronting old friends about the possible deleterious effects of their side hustle.

Other news: Margaret Dunlap’s episode of Season Two of Bookburners is live today!  Check out the new season.

FOUR ROADS CROSS Animation Premier

Welcome, one and all, to the new website!  Jer and the team at Clockpunk Studios have been fantastic as they assemble my new home on the internet.  I love it!  The new space is powerful and efficient—lots of stuff that used to take me a half-day on the old site is automatic here.  This means, among other things, that my events page will stay up to date, and that you’re more likely to see my books where they should be.

Which brings us to Four Roads Cross.  The book’s not out until July 26, but I have a few very special things to post in the next couple weeks to whet your appetite.  Fan artist Glinda Chen has made some really excellent animations of select scenes in the new book—starting with this one, of Tara.  Click on the picture to play!


SO COOL, right?  Make sure you’ve preordered Four Roads Cross—preorders are good for booksellers, publishers, and yours truly.  And watch this space and the events page for more book launch news.  If you’re in the greater Boston area, I have two signings scheduled, one July 27 at Porter Square Books, and one July 28 at Pandemonium.  Click on the “events” link above for directions and details!

Uncanny Story and Kit Bonesaw

Hello, friends! I have a new story live on Uncanny Magazine: Big Thrull and the Askin’ Man, an oral history / culture hero / dangers of anthropology story.  In which there is a troll.  Named Thrull.

Everybody knows about Thrull. Thrull like legend among us folk—biggest, greenest, meanest, nastiest, and dirtiest of all—with one big difference: legends false, Thrull true. We tell the story of Thrull and the reindeer feast, and the story of Thrull and the Mountain Witches, and the story of how Thrull wrestled Winter and wed Summer on Grandmother Rock, and the story of how Thrull broke Stone Peak making love, but the best story I know, that the story of Thrull and the Askin’ Man. Now pour some hard stuff for yourself, and pour a glass for me. Set your tape deck down and listen. This tells the day Thrull got smart.

Read the rest on Uncanny Magazineor, for bonus awesome, listen to the story, on your computers or phone-adjacent devices, as read by the brilliant Heath Miller on the Uncanny Podcast!

I’m pushing toward the end of a new book, which, depending on the timing of editorial notes on the book after Four Roads Cross, I hope to finish (at least in rough first-drafty form) by late May, in time to devote a month to convention / book launch / publicity season.  In the meantime, Four Roads Cross is up for pre-order, and looks awesome.  I finished page proofs Sunday, and now we’re off to the production races!

Also, well, last week a series of Twitter jokes around an odd murder mystery title led to the creation of Kit Bonesaw, Murder Life Planner, a sort of interior designer Moriarty called in to plan and execute only the finest-grade murders.  Kit now has fan art.


Clearly a book, or at least a short story, is in order.  Initial notes involved Kit’s RISD graduate apprentice and a sort of Narbonic meets Hannibal vibe.  Scheming to continue.  I’ll keep you all appraised, don’t worry.

Well, maybe you should worry.