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Going Home, Plus Giveaways, Plus Elizabeth Bear Likes My Book!

Four days, four signings, four cities, and now I’m going home!  It’s been loads of fun to travel up and down the west coast, meeting people and signing books.  Some great questions, including one from SF about the ways theology could enlighten, or deepen, understanding of markets & capitalism that I’ve been mulling over nonstop for the last couple days.  In some ways those are my favorite types of question because they open up huge new vistas of inquiry, but I always feel I don’t do them justice on the spot, & end up flailing around.  This is the point in the academic version of the book signing where I’d be able to smile and say, “that’s a very interesting question, and would be grounds for further inquiry,” and wink meaningfully in the direction of whatever grant-granting authority happened to be nearby.

I need to go play Security Tango (literally, I opt-out in TSA lines), but here are a few links Which May Amuse You:

First, I’m giving away a few copies of Three Parts Dead on reddit’s r/Fantasy community!  The giveaway doubles as a contest for identifying awesome fantasy writing; for rules and to enter, go to the contest page.  Even if you don’t win, it’s turning to a ‘best lines of all time in genre fiction’ list, which is awesome because genre fiction has some of the best lines.

Also! On the most recent issue of SF Squeecast, Elizabeth Bear (!!!) talks about how much she liked Three Parts Dead.  Which is totally awesome, and makes me feel all kinds of warm and bubbly inside.

Okay, time to go act in the No drama of TSA.  Catch you all on the flip side!

Mahabharata, Sentences, and Cons

The weather’s turned all awesome up here in Boston, so I’m loving the chance to abandon my awesome winter coat for something a little more summery.  And I’ve spent all day listening to this sometimes sublime, sometimes ridiculous (and sometimes Sublime) gigantic summer playlist, which may be worth a listen if you are optimistically gazing in the direction of shirtsleeve weather.

Despite my disappearing into edits last week, I’ve produced some cool things you might like to read:

And this morning I started work on a Craft Sequence novella that has me full of wicked glee.  I can’t wait to tell this story sometime in the next couple days.

Hope y’all are well!


First Three Parts Dead Signing: Done! Second Three Parts Dead Signing: Tonight!

Last night was the first signing for Three Parts Dead!  We had a wonderful crowd at the Harvard Book Store, despite the drizzle.  If you’re in the area, but missed the event, you’re in luck!  We have a signing tonight at 7:30 at Pandemonium Books & Games!  My friend Aaron came last night, brought his photographer’s kit, and snapped some excellent shots:

Some great questions asked.  How did questions of systemic trust figure into my portrayal of the gods?  Will we ever see the God Wars?  What other narrative forms (other than noir, which is being done a decent amount now) could be crossed over with fantasy to good effect?  (Still pondering that one!  I tried to write a fantasy rom-com once but people started stabbing each other.  Maybe for another day.)

More blog tour madness ensues:

  • I wrote a post called Freedom to Name for World in the Satin Bag, about how the world’s fantastical, and the literature we use to represent it should also be comfortable with the fantastic.
  • I finally stopped lurking on reddit and commented on an r/fantasy posting of Alyssa Rosenberg’s awesome review; a cool discussion ensued, people were very welcoming, and the post stayed at the top of r/fantasy the entire day.  Pretty cool!  During the conversation I realized that I need to learn more about how ebook rights work…
  • I picked up some amazing laser-burned bookmarks for Three Parts Dead.  More about these soon!

That’s it for the moment.  I have to get some more writing done before my event tonight.  Have a great day.