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Also In This Series

Empress of Forever

Wildly successful entrepreneur Vivian Liao is prone to radical thinking, quick decision-making, and reckless action—until on the eve of her greatest achievement, she disappears, going deep undercover to outrun sinister forces out to steal everything she has built.

In the chilly darkness of a Boston server farm, Viv sets her ultimate plan into motion. A terrifying instant later, Vivian Liao is catapulted through space and time to a far future where she confronts a destiny stranger and more deadly than she could ever imagine.

The end of time is ruled by an ancient, powerful Empress who blesses or blasts entire planets with a single thought. Rebellion is literally impossible to consider—until Vivian Liao arrives. Trapped between the Pride—a ravening horde of sentient machines—and a fanatical sect of warrior monks who call themselves the Mirrorfaith, Viv must rally a strange group of allies to confront the Empress and find a way back to the world and life she left behind.


A classic space opera…a universe we’ve never seen before. So smart it makes me jealous.

—Delilah Dawson, New York Times Bestselling Author

Empress of Forever [demonstrates] the strength, power, and originality at his command. A deep, cellular-level enchantment filled at every turn with curiosity and delight.

—Peter Straub, New York Times bestselling author

A breakneck epic that explores a wildly, boldly imagined universe, filled with awe and wonder

—John Chu, Hugo Award winning author

Readers will be hooked from page one. Vivan Liao is the best kind of badass. Zanj is an epic trainwreck of death and destruction. The rest of the crew is too awesome for words. The whole book is filled with the kind of snark that I love and an endless majesty of stars. It broke me to pieces and then stitched me back together with golden thread. Simply glorious.

—K.B. Wagers, Author of Behind the Throne

This is galaxy-saving space opera with cool original settings and a unique band of adventurers that change each other for the better. It was a wild ride and I really enjoyed it.

—Martha Wells, Nebula-winning Author of the Murderbot Diaries